Developing a distinctive look and feel is an important part of creating a brand. An uncommon skill I offer is thinking through and designing a company’s entire look and feel up-front.

This “big picture” design process lets clients see what all their materials might look like in advance of the actual production of each piece.

Working from key attributes and messaging provided by the client or agency partner, I develop two or three unique sets of materials that each convey the desired attributes in a different visual way.

Though the text is greeking and the images are frequently low-resolution placeholders at this stage, these designs allow clients to choose an overall look and feel that speaks to them without getting bogged down in specific details.

Once a design direction has been chosen and refined, the actual production of each piece is streamlined, and new pieces can be easily added within the design template.

Check out examples of my branding design in this portfolio—you just might find this approach is perfect for you or your clients.